EIRICH Machines Offers Tailor-Made Solutions for Today's Mixing & Blending Challenges

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Surface Treatments

EIRICH Intensive Mixers guarantee top performance in the preparation of high-quality building materials

  • Excellent product homogeneity even for lightweight materials, fibers coloring agents/pigments and additives
  • Mixing without segregation of material components
  • Adaptation of the mixing intensity to the properties of the material
  • Economic operation thanks to short mixing times and high production output
  • High level of flexibility for a broad product range
  • Gentle intermixing of delicate lightweight materials (polystyrene, mineral-based lightweight materials).
  • Optimum separation of fibers
  • Unchanged mix quality even for partial quantities (fill levels of up to 30%)
  • Effective power input means low energy consumption
  • Mixing pan lining reduces wear
  • Less wear thanks to the use of armored tools
  • Good accessibility of the mixing pan, mixing tools and all drives makes the system easy to service.
  • Robust design for continuous industrial use with low cost associated with wear

Optional pneumatic inside cleaning system for complete discharge of any mix residue (fast formula changes even with colored products).

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    A varied product range of modern building materials including:

    • Brick Mortar
    • Interior plaster, facing plaster and lightweight plaster
    • Thermal insulation plaster
    • Cement and anhydrite screed
    • Blended cement mixes
    • Adhesive mortar, putty mortar, repair mortar


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State-of-the-art controls systems including: PLC’s,
HMI’s, sequential programming,
variable frequency
drives (VFD’s), soft starters, trending, data logging,

hazardous location & intrinsically safe design.

Heavy Duty Mixing Vessel

Construction materials include corrosion resistant stainless
steel, standard stainless steel, abrasion resistant carbon
steel & wear coatings such as tungsten carbide.