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Dryers and Reactors


Dryer Reactor

All-In-One Process Reactors

Reacting, Drying, Vacuum Drying or any combination thereof can be achieved in a single vacuum/pressure capable vessel with ASME heating/cooling jacket, high-speed plow or paddle agitator and high-speed choppers.

Our Vacuum Dryer / Dryer Reactor, equipped with a fully swept cylindrical shell with flat endplates, limits build-up of adhesive or wetted powders, filter cakes and sludges. The turbulent action of the Vacuum Dryer / Dryer Reactors agitator creates high particle transport ideal for adding liquids, coating, chemical reactions or granulating.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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    The cylindrical mixer shell on our Vacuum Dryer / Dryer Reactor lends itself to applications requiring full vacuum and/or pressures to 700 PSI. A choice of jacket designs on the Vacuum Dryer / Dryer Reactor allows indirect heating/drying/cooling with temperatures to 700°F. Material choices include 304/316 SS, 304L/316L SS, RA2205 Duplex Stainless, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Inconel plus various synergistic coatings such as Halar & Kynar and AR-200/AR-400. The vessel is also suitable for live steam injection to cook, hydrate or sterilize.

    By varying the speed of the Vacuum Dryer / Dryer Reactors rotor throughout the drying curve, we can keep wetted, pasty or slurried products in contact with the heated shell for better heat transfer. The addition of vacuum lowers the bound or unbound liquid's boiling point allowing for lower thermal processing (important for heat sensitive materials) and quicker drying times.

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