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    Product Conditioners for Solidified, Hardened or Agglomerated Materials
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Product Conditioners

De-Agglomeration Technology

Product conditioners by American Process Systems® can provide an excellent cost-effective solution for discharging bulk bags containing material that has been solidified, hardened, or agglomerated resulting in troublesome bottlenecks in manufacturing.

Product conditioners are commonly used prior to mechanical blending or feeding and can be installed directly on the blender or as a stand-alone unit.  They are ideally suited for the food, confectionary, minerals, chemicals, fertilizers and plastics industries.  Materials suitable for product conditioners include, but are not limited to, fruit, frozen foods, parmesan cheese, soup bases, sugars and salts.

Product Conditioners


Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    Each product conditioner utilizes a “U-shaped” one-piece welded triple bar breaker profile that safely and efficiently returns solid materials to a free-flowing state. A removable perforated screen and frame assembly allows customers to quickly change over to different screen configurations suitable for each application. The double hinged side doors provide easy access for cleaning.

    The product conditioner features a compact footprint and machine guarding for operator safety. Additional features include:

    • 304 stainless steel sanitary construction
    • Direct drive gear motor
    • Inverter duty, high efficiency TEFC (totally enclosed, fan-cooled) motor
    • Optional hand-add station
    • Optional power and emergency stop button controls

    In addition to Product Conditioners we offer other ancillary equipment such as Filtered or Non-Filtered Bag Dumps and Conical Finishers. Contact EIRICH to learn more about fabricating a bulk powder system utilizing product conditioners.




Product Conditioner - Sugar

Product Conditioner - Raisins

Product Conditioner - Parmesan Cheese

Product Conditioner – De-lumping Granola Clumps

Product Conditioner – De-lumping Cranberries

Product Conditioner – De-lumping Dehydrated Apple Bits


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