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Installation & Training Services

Having the best equipment is only part of the story. You also need highly qualified personnel to get the most out of your EIRICH machines and/or systems, so there is no substitute for in-depth training.  EIRICH has more than 150 years of experience with bulk material and processing systems and we know what our customers need.

Learn from our experience.  If are thinking of working with EIRICH in the future, we encourage you to take advantage of one of our installation and training packages.  EIRICH offers two-day (2), Three-day (3) and five-day (5) installation and training packages to suit your specific needs.

Key EIRICH Installation Topics Discussed

  • Verification of unit(s) setup and alignment
  • Proper connections to all utilities (electric, pneumatics, water, others)
  • Basic operation and maintenance training
  • Review of equipment related documentation
  • Recommendations of spare and wear out parts
  • Electrical Control Panel (ECP) if applicable

Advanced training increases the confidence level and provides a broader knowledge base for assessing equipment performance.  Highly qualified employees get the most out of your EIRICH equipment and/or systems, giving you a direct competitive advantage.  EIRICH Training is tailored to the specific target group and function, and it is aimed primarily at either operators or maintenance personnel.

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State-of-the-art controls systems including: PLC’s,
HMI’s, sequential programming,
variable frequency
drives (VFD’s), soft starters, trending, data logging,

hazardous location & intrinsically safe design.

Heavy Duty Mixing Vessel

Construction materials include corrosion resistant stainless
steel, standard stainless steel, abrasion resistant carbon
steel & wear coatings such as tungsten carbide.