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  • Disc Pelletizer

    Production of uniform pellets from powders, fine granular or molten materials
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Disc Pelletizers

Pelletizing Technology

The variety of adjustment and design features of the EIRICH Disc Pelletizer permits processing of materials with difficult pelletizing properties. The EIRICH Disc Pelletizer can provide specific product characteristics e.g. narrow pellet size range, high or low bulk density, etc. EIRICH pelletizers are used for the production fo uniform pellets from powders, fine granular or molten materials.

Disc Pelletizer

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    Function and Design

    • The rotating pan is mounted on a tilting frame. Material is fed from above through a pipe. Pelletizing liquid is sprayed through nozzles mounted on a movable manifold.
    • Pellets are formed by the rolling motion of material in the pan and the liquid spray.
    • Pellet size is determined by pan inclination, amount of liquid and other parameter.
    • The rolling motion causes the larger pellets to rise to the surface and discharge continuously over the pan rim into a discharge chute.

    Special Features of EIRICH Disc Pelletizers are:

    • Easy Maintenance
    • Permanently greased pan bearings
    • Pan inclination can be fixed in any position
    • Manually or motor actuated pan tilt mechanism
    • Pan inclination over 90° permits complete discharge
    • Pan floor cleaned by rotating scrapers
    • Wall and rim scrapers with tungsten carbide platelets
    • Pan with varying wall height and stepped wall for powdering off
    • Available with infinitely variable pan speeds
    • Special materials of construction available
    • Pan equipped with dust hood and exhaust connections

    EIRICH offers special expertise in the following areas:

    • Grinding disk compounds
    • Modern high-performance oxide ceramic materials
    • Nanoceramic materials
    • Pesticides
    • Detergent compounds
    • Friction lining compounds (clutches, brakes)
    • Isostatic refractory compounds
    • Cellulose derivates
    • Aqueous or solvent-based pastes, suspensions, slurries
    • Metalliferous sludges
    • Lacquer/paint sludges


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