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  • Paddle Blender

    Paddle Mixers double and triple action agitator insures rapid, homogeneous blending
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Paddle Blenders

Agitator Design - Mix & Match to Suit Your Application!

For nearly 30 years American Process Systems has been designing and manufacturing Paddle Blenders, Paddle Ribbon Blenders, and Ribbon/Ribbon Blenders for a wide variety of mixing applications. The unique double and triple action agitator insures rapid, homogeneous blending of even the most difficult blending applications. Paddle Blender agitators are ideally suited for applications including feed and grain, non-directional liquid or slurry mixes, soap pellets, particulates, abrasive products, pastes, filter cakes, and fragile/friable products.


Optimablend Fluidizing Blender

Paddle Blender By American Process Systems


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Additional Info

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    Tanks can be U-Shaped, Semi-Cylindrical or Cylindrical and may have pressurized jacketing for a variety of applications The APS agitator is a definite advantage when heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty construction is required.

    Available with a wide assortment of optional features, Paddle Blenders are easily tailored to meet many unique mixing requirements.

    Our range of mixing and blending equipment enable us to be impartial in testing and recommending equipment tailored to your process Visit our manufacturing and test facility in Gurnee, IL and PUT US TO THE TEST!


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State-of-the-art controls systems including: PLC’s,
HMI’s, sequential programming,
variable frequency
drives (VFD’s), soft starters, trending, data logging,

hazardous location & intrinsically safe design.

Heavy Duty Mixing Vessel

Construction materials include corrosion resistant stainless
steel, standard stainless steel, abrasion resistant carbon
steel & wear coatings such as tungsten carbide.