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Plastic Mixing and Blending Technology

Plastic mixing and blending equipment from EIRICH Machines provide an excellent cost-effective solution for mixing, coating and drying plastics. Our comprehensive line of mixing equipment and experience is ideally suited for companies looking to process and manufacturer (lab to large scale production) plastic resins.

Our plastic mixing and blending equipment is designed for pre-mixing additives (processing aids or stabilizers) used in the process of manufacturing plastic resins. The additives, also known as processing aides or stabilizers, are introduced to help fight against factors such as heat, chemicals or light prior to being formed as pellets. Typical additives suitable for mixing and blending include, but not limited to, antimicrobials, antioxidants, antistatics, fibers, plasticizers, lubricants, UV stabilizers, fillers, flame retardants and colorants. Our equipment is also capable of handling materials that shear sensitive or fragile.

If drying is required, EIRICH Machines has a full line of plastic mixing and blending equipment suitable for drying plastic resins. If moisture is not adequately removed it can cause voids in the material resulting in adversely affecting the physical performance of the product. Unlike conventional dryers where product is stationary, our equipment produces a centrifugal force pushing material along the perimeter of the heated side wall and is constantly turned over resulting in significantly shorter drying rates. The dryer is suitable for hot water, oil or steam drying. Vacuum can be added to aid the drying process. Applying vacuum allows drying processes to proceed faster and at lower temperatures reducing the possible of thermal degradation of the plastic resin.

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Additional Info

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    In addition to plastic mixing and blending equipment our equipment is also suitable for mixing and blending detergents, soaps, fire retardants, insecticides and many others.  Contact EIRICH to learn more about our comprehensive line of plastic mixing and blending equipment.

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