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Preparation of Glass:

The homogeneity of the mixture is the key factor which determines the quality of the glass, and EIRICH intensive mixers produce more homogeneous mixtures in shorter mixing times. The intensive mixers can also handle individual components which sometimes vary in terms of their

  • Proportions in the formula
  • Apparent density or specific weight
  • Particle size distribution
  • Grain shape
  • Solubility or wettability
  • Tendency to agglomerate

and process them in optimized fashion with utmost process reliability.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    EIRICH intensive mixers are high-performance machines which have been specially modified to meet the requirements of the glass industry and offer clear advantages in terms of mixture processing - both for new installations and for the modernization of existing systems:

    • Shorter mixing times can raise plant output / increased furnace throughput and quality
    • Reduction of waste thanks to the increased homogeneity of each mixture and reliable disintegration of agglomerates
    • Savings of melting energy
    • Minimum contamination by iron particles due to less wear
    • The replacement of simple mixing systems for premix processing optimizes the process of blending in very small component quantities and requires only low investment
    • The direct addition of even very small component quantities into an EIRICH intensive mixer (used as the main mixer) increases plant flexibility
    • Pelletizing of dust, raw materials and mixture reduces demixing problems, the dust burden (insertion area and melting end) and the level of melting energy which is required

    for the preparation of:

    • Hollow glass
    • Flat glass
    • Optical glass
    • Special glass




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