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Granulation Technology for Solid Fertilizers:

Worldwide demand for fertilizer continues to increase. This correlates with global population growth. Higher yields are needed from existing agricultural land. Consumers also use large amounts of fertilizer to beautify their lawns.

Our granulating and pelletizing mixers perform mixing and granulating/pelletizing in a single machine.

For the preparation of:

  • Mineral Fertilizer
  • Organic Bio-Fertilizer
  • Organic Mineral Fertilizer
  • Soil Improver (ie: lime, bentonite, diatomaceous earth)

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    EIRICH Granulation Technology Offers the Following Advantages:

    • The mixer is suitable for homogenization, granulation and cooling
    • Even micronutrients are optimally distributed
    • Liquid components are admixed easily and quickly
    • Use of secondary raw materials such as filter cake, sludge or saline solutions is possible.
    • Raw materials with various densities and particle sizes can be mixed and granulated without difficulty.
    • Closed granulating process (no emission of respirable dust or aerosol).
    • Fully automated, short process times
    • Coating with colorants, anti-sticking or hydrophobing agents.
    • Targeted production of long term fertilizers.
    • Water added directly by spray or saturated steam.
    • Optimal integration of plant or animal fibers.
    • Only one mixing tool for mixer sizes from 1 Liter up to 3,000 Liters.

    EIRICH Customer comments:

    • Easy cleaning, no material adhesion on the mixing pan wall
    • Consistently uniform grain size distribution.
    • Flexible formula management
    • Low maintenance and low wear costs



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