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Microwave Mixing & Drying System

Homogenized Blends, Precise Temperatures & Faster Processing Times

With the OptimaDry - Microwave Mixing and Drying System - you get the best of two worlds: our industry-leading Fluidizing Paddle Blender technology by American Process Systems® combined with microwaves, a highly accurate and controlled heating/drying method for a wide range of products. The result is achieving an homogeneous blend while gently and very efficiently drying your product. 

The blender's fluidization action assures homogeneous mixes independent of large range of particle size, shape, or density. It is also extremely gentle with fragile ingredients. The OptimaBlend® Fluidizing Paddle Blender is available in capacity sizes from 1.5 ft³ to 400 ft³. 

Drying through microwave heat offers precise, uniform, and consistent temperatures, as well as fast processing times and low energy consumption. This drying technology is especially suitable for heat-sensitive products where aroma, color, nutrition, consistency, and other characteristics must be maintained. The advanced microwave generators are scalable and easy to operate. 


  • Herbs and botanicals
  • Biomass
  • Hemp and cannabis
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Powders (e.g. calcium carbonate, carbon black)
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • High-end plastics
  • Polymers
  • Minerals 

We have an in-house test lab in Gurnee, Illinois, and we welcome companies to test their products(s) in our microwave mixing and drying system!


Applications Microwave Drying System



Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    Processes: drying, sterilization, pasteurization, dehydration, extraction, solvents, cooking, and more.

    Benefits at a Glance: 

    • Substantially faster process
    • Gentle blending with no or little shear
    • Uniform heat distribution
    • Highly accurate temperature control
    • Low-temperature heating/drying
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • Easy to upscale and reliable technology


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