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Eirich Machines Introduces SmartClean™ Wall Scraper

EIRICH Machines, Inc. (www.eirichusa.com), a global leader in bulk solids handling and processing, today announced its SmartClean™ Wall Scraper. The newest option to the family of vertical and inclined high intensity mixers, the SmartClean™ Wall Scraper is ideal for applications requiring high consistency and/or those with high product variation batch-to-batch.

The SmartClean™ Wall Scraper is an excellent cost-effective alternative for blending and mixing product and overcomes the limitations of established fixed wall scraper technologies. The SmartClean™ Wall Scraper’s unique design allows the operator to pivot the wall scraper inward and away from the pan wall and floor providing easier access to clean and maintenance which can improve product quality, reduce operating costs and increase machine utilization.




Meet the OptimaBlend Lab Size Fluidizing Mixer!

We are excited to introduce the FPB-1P5 sanitary lab mixer, the newest addition to the OptimaBlend™ Fluidizing Blender family of horizontal batch mixing systems. The new 1.5 ft³ sanitary lab mixer, from Eirich Machines American Process Systems (APS) product line, features the same fluidizing mixing technology as their larger production mixers. This versatile lab mixer is ideal for lab work, R&D and small scale production.

The FPB-1P5’s superior mixing performance provides an excellent cost-effective alternative for blending and mixing ingredients, and overcomes the limitations of established ribbon and v-blender technologies. The OptimaBlend™ Fluidizing Blender mechanically fluidizes the product ensuring an efficient and gentle mixing process regardless of density, shape or size. It enables Eirich to achieve coefficient of variance targets on complex applications that conventional mixing equipment cannot maintain.

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