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  • Friction Materials

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Friction Materials

EIRICH Technology for the Preparation of Friction Linings:

With the EIRICH intensive mixer, users can obtain:

  • more homogeneous mixtures with
  • intensive, but gentle dissolution
  • particularly in the case of the fibrous constituents

EIRICH can supply both single machines and complete mixing systems for the following processing methods:

  • Dry mixtures
  • Wet mixtures (containing water and/or solvents)
  • Evactherm® method for wet mixtures with simultaneous drying and granulation, suitable for aqueous systems and systems with organic solvents

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    Compared to conventional preparation the Evactherm® process offers numerous advantages:

    • Excellent homogeneity of the mix
    • Residual moisture of the granulates is adjustable
    • Reduced energy requirements
    • Reduced inert gas requirements for solvent-containing formulas
    • Condensation / reuse of solvents
    • Precise temperature control, no local overheating
    • Closed system
    • Compact, modular system design




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