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EIRICH Technology for the Preparation of Battery Paste:

The machines and systems are configured to meet the user’s specific requirements, e.g. production range, capacity and degree of automation:

  • Free selection of the kind of carbon carrier (graphite or soot), lithium salt, and of the way to process the other raw materials
  • Lithium salt can be added to the mix as a dry material or dissolved in the suspension
  • The solvents with a suspension of PTFE fibers and water or organic solvents (e.g. isopropanol)
  • The silo bottom ends are provided with a flanged rim and can easily be extended by cylindrical silo segments.
  • The silos are fed as specified by the customer, e.g. from Big Bags, sacks or pneumatically
  • Plant output rates are optimized by selecting the optimally suited mixer.

EIRICH preparation systems are manufactured according to a modern, modular design concept which offers decisive advantages over conventional systems:

  • Little floor space required on locally prepared foundations
  • Pre-assembled and function-tested modules enable the system to be installed and commissioned in extremely short time


  • The applied technology guarantees the highest paste quality and exact reproducibility.
  • The state-of-the-art control systems comprise all the necessary safety, self-testing and logging functions.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Product Details:

    EIRICH is a reliable partner of the battery industry all over the world, with innovative technologies for the preparation of:

    • Alkaline Battery Compounds
    • Lead Acid Compounds
    • Lithium Battery Compounds
    • Zinc-Carbon Battery Compounds

    Offering advanced, future-proof technology and complete service.

    • Process technology
    • Mixing technology
    • Batching and weighing technology
    • Process control and instrumentation technology
    • Plant engineering



Lead acid battery

Lead acid paste

The unique Evactherm® process, developed by Eirich, proves all over the world its outstanding position in the very environment-friendly and economical manufacture of lead acid compounds.

Not conventional air cooling, but EVACTHERM® using vacuum cooling is the process that offers clear operational and technological advantages.

  • No dependency on varying air temperature and humidity
  • No formula corruption due to raw material being removed with the cooling air
  • Exact compliance with the preset temperature patterns
  • No local overheating in the mixing reactor
  • Effective process control
  • Reproducible, constant paste quality
  • Automatic penetration regulation
  • No large outlet air volumes that need to be cleaned separately
  • Closed, environment-friendly system

From one source the user gets

  • System engineering
  • Evactherm® mixing reactor or intensive mixer
  • Batching technology
  • Process control and instrumentation technology

Li-Ion Batteries

Innovative preparation technology for Li-Ion Batteries

From the world leader of preparation technology for lead-acid batteries

battery li ion1

  • From powder to slurry in only 15 minutes
  • Unique Single-Unit Process
  • Vacuum technology for bubble free slurries
  • Adjustment of slurry rheology in wide ranges
  • Superior battery characteristics
  • Small system footprint


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State-of-the-art controls systems including: PLC’s,
HMI’s, sequential programming,
variable frequency
drives (VFD’s), soft starters, trending, data logging,

hazardous location & intrinsically safe design.

Heavy Duty Mixing Vessel

Construction materials include corrosion resistant stainless
steel, standard stainless steel, abrasion resistant carbon
steel & wear coatings such as tungsten carbide.